Davido Spends Up to 100m US dollars on a Date with Hailey

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An American jeweler named Icebox Zahir has revealed that the self - acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo splashes good millions of naira on jewelry each time he visits Atlanta. As we all know, Davido is obsessed with luxury jewels and items.

These past years, we have witnessed Davido splash some good millions on the purchase of jewelry and other luxury items. At times, these purchases are said to be fake by those who find it hard to believe that he is buoyant enough to afford such high - priced jewelry. But Icebox Zahir has pointed to the fact that Davido really purchases those items.

In a post shared on his Instagram story, Icebox revealed how much Davido spends whenever he visits his store in Atlanta, Georgia. Icebox said Davido spends 50 to 100 million naira on each visit. He also shared photos of Davido in the store buying different kinds of jewelry ranging from watches to chains which he already has in abundance.

Davido also showers his family and loved ones with these expensive jewelries. Recently, he went on a play date with his second daughter, Hailey Adeleke, and bought her the stoned bracelet that cost $16000 (N5.8 million).

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