Conditioning Your Spirit for Excellence

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Excellence is a virtue; it is a grace to surpass the ordinary. Excellence is surpassing others in beauty and being glorious. It also means extraordinary discretion and perception. Excellence is progressive not stagnant; what I mean by that is, because you did something excellently the first time does not mean you have become excellent, you can improve on it. Greatness is one of the synonyms of Excellence. Excellence is synonymous with perfection but it is not the same as perfection. Perfection signifies completion but excellence is never actually complete, you can always improve on it.

To condition your spirit (your spirit being the real you), means to train yourself to be an excellent person in your actions, delivery of service and purpose. Obviously, doing this is not an easy feat. It requires great discipline to achieve this on consistent basis. If you read this scripture Daniel 1:3-21, you will note that Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego decided to separate themselves from other noblemen, which were chosen to counsel the king. Through discipline and focus, they achieved mastery and the king himself chose them because they stood out. And through further discipline Daniel was able to further separate himself from Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego that when they were thrown into the burning furnace Daniel was also there and he was not touched or mentioned to be thrown into the fire.

A man of understanding can be guided, he can be restrained. A man of understanding has an excellent spirit. A man who is unstable, is undependable, he cannot be trusted. The ability to take on more responsibility is an attribute of an excellent man. Sometimes ability and character collide i.e. someone who has the ability to perform but their bad character messes things up. What have you built behind your personality? Build the right mental structures not erudite knowledge, things that have built into you that controls the outward you. Becoming the best of you is very important but what are those things inside you? You need to find your place in the world. There is no job that is a low job; it is the person behind it that gives it authority.

Excellence is a choice, and if you have set your mind on excellence, it does not matter who is looking at you or making jest, it will pay well. Read Genesis 49. In verse, 4 of the above scripture Jacob wasn't cursing his son but letting him know the results of his actions. Teach people what you know else, the world will close up on you. Do not be afraid they will get better than you will. God will open up another door for you.

You want to be excellent? Get unreliability and instability out of your life! Be controllable! Do not be someone who nobody can talk to, do not be heady and unnecessarily stubborn. Before God can take you to another level, you need to cooperate! Your cooperation means you listen to authority.

When you receive Christ, you receive the wisdom of God into your spirit. Condition your spirit to have an excellent character, you just do not have it because you have the Holy Spirit, you must covet it. Great vision does not mean you have a lot you want to do; it means you have great arrays of vision, the ability to see many things at the same time.

In conclusion, Channel your thinking into reproducing in yourself nothing short of excellence. To reiterate, Excellence is about Discipline, Understanding, and Stability.

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