Quilox Club: See Drama As Twitter's Segalink Intervenes In The Arrest Of A NASS Member, Shina Peller

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Twitter went agog yesterday as soon as popular Twitter influencer, Segalink told a House of Representative member, Honourable Akin Alabi, that he (Segalink) is looking into the arrest of another House of Representatives member, Honourable Shina Peller.

The entire drama started when the owner of Bet 9ja, Akin Alabi made a tweet, protesting the arrest and continued detention of his colleague who is also the owner of Quilox club, Shina Peller.

Surprisingly, the famous human right activist and convener of the #EndSARS campaign, Segalink replied the Tweet stating that he is already looking into the matter.

This came as a surprise to many who believe that the members of the National Assembly are powerful enough to save themselves. 

A lot of Nigerians have since saluted the guts of Segalink to come to the aid of the high and lofty, including House of Assembly member. 

According to Segalink, Shina Peller was arrested for issues bothering around the traffic jam Quilox Club caused in Lagos during their 36-hour non-stop party. 

Reacting to this several Nigerians have hailed Segalink for his doggedness and persistence to ensure the rule of law is maintained.

These are some of the reactions:

@CaptainArinze said, 

"Segalink told a HOR member that he will look into the police harassment of another HOR member. I wish I were making this up. Ladies and gents, Segalink is the new godfather. If you know his address, I want to take christmas cow to him. I need to pay homage to this new 'cabal'."

@Declassicoo said, 

"Irony of life is when a lawmaker finds himself in a police den and it takes the intervention of @segalink and others. 

One day, police will mistakenly arrest a Governor and he will still be contacted to do something about it. Until then, let's #SayNoToPoliceBrutality"

@BlakkOpal said, 

"Imagine, @segalink is saving our National Assembly Members from Police brutality!!! Lmaoo. Moral: E no concern me, shebi I na our government. No worry, the anarchy and oppression is enough to go round."

@ozorcchristian said, 

"Even Segalink has the links to break loose Distinguish honourables from police custody. Peace everywhere.💖"

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