This Man's honesty locks down Twitter As He Receives Praise From Nigeria And The World

In a time when people swindle others for their self interests, there are people who stand out among the crowd. This is a story of a Nigerian tricycle driver whose wife was delivered of a baby through caesarean section (CS). The young man, unable to pay their medical bills took to Twitter to solicit support. "Please help me Nigerians my wife and child have been held up in the hospital since November 6th 2019 bcos we are unable to settle the Medical Bills she gave birth through C.S which we didn't plan towards it..I'm a Keke Napep driver. I'm pleading on you all to help me please." The Man tweeted through his handle, Biggy Nonny.

Nigerians and Twitter users from other parts of the world swung to action and soon got the required amount. The most striking part of the story was the man's accountability and honesty. While the funds were trickling in, he updated people on the thread with receipts from his bank and from the hospital. "I received the Sum of 2000 naira and 5000 naira...Thank you so much to the Kind persons who sent it God will surely reward you and your family. I was at the ATM to withdraw the 108,000 naira to go pay the hospital after withdrawing this alerts came in we received a total sum of 129,500 out of 170,000. God bless everyone I'm grateful my dearest Nigerians." 

When all he needed was completed, he still updated his benefactors and friends "Thank you everyone for supporting us we have raised 204,500 naira we would be paying the balance soon and get ready to go home. Thank you my dearest Nigerians I'm grateful. Received the following amount of money we have received a total of 337,800 Naira. Thank you so much my dearest Nigerians I'm grateful." That was real honesty. 

Nigerians sent him emotional messages and congratulations, even non Nigerians were also impressed.

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