Top 5 Nigerian female porn stars and why they joined the porn industry

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In the last few years, some adventurous Nigerians have tried their hands at producing porn in Nigeria. The move to produce porn movies which feature both male and female Nigerian actors, was fanned by the belief that Nigerians are among the biggest consumers of porn on the planet.

An insightful analysis that has been released in the last few years shows that Nigerians consume a lot of porn; the most popular free site, Xvideos, has remained among the 10 most visited websites in Nigeria for years.

The porn industry in Nigeria is on an upwards trajectory and some newly launched sites are averaging 20,000-60,000 views every day. It is also quite surprising that a religious country like Nigeria has no law against pornography. However homosexuality in Nigeria carries a 14 year jail sentence.

Here is a list of some Nigerian ladies that are already building a career out of porn;


Porn Star, Judith Mazagwu a.k.a Afrocandy started off her career in the porn industry by starring in music videos and producing her own movies which had lots of sexually explicit content in 2012. In the last few years, Afrocandy has had a successful crossover from softcore pornography to hardcore pornography even though she claimed it was mere acting at first.

Speaking to Sunday Express in 2015, the mother of two said she went into porn movies when she got separated from her husband and could no longer afford her house rent in the United States. She further revealed that her husband now wants her back even with her new found love as a porn star.said, “It was just an idea that popped up in my mind. It wasn’t in any way to get back at my estranged husband then. I’d been separated from my husband since 2007, but the porn movie thing came up just around last year. I can say that money was the primary reason because at a time after my husband left me in the US, I couldn’t pay my house rent. So I went into it both because of the money and the fun.

The actress' debut in hardcore pornography, featured a couple of scenes in which she was spotted 'doing it' with popular porn star, Mandingo.

Lady Gold

Lady Gold has grown from being a paid actor in porn movies with foremost Nigerian porn star Kingtblakhoc, to owning her own porn brand. The porn star from the south-south region of Nigeria has however faced lots of challenges in the last few years which includes losing some of her social media accounts due to sexually explicit contents she shares.

She was also in the news few months ago after she told her fans and followers who are interested in getting a Whatsapp call from her to pay N40,000. According to Lady Gold, the N40,000 paid for an intimate phone session with her was just for one Whatsapp call.

Though she took a break from porn in 2018, the Nigerian porn star is back and has been hosting paid intimate sessions with her fans on social media.

Annie Blonde

For Annie Blonde, featuring in porn movies was an escape from the challenges she faced. The porn star who lived with her Uncle and Aunt for most part of her life, said she dropped out of the University of Ibadan in her 200 level.

Annie Blonde who accused her aunt of maltreating her, disclosed that she left home after being raped. According to her, she got raped after being sent out in the night by her aunt because she forgot a N1,000 meat in the market. She also recounted being called a bastard several times by her uncle who told to "go and die like her mother".

The porn star also made headlines earlier this year after she called out a client who had sex with her and refused to pay up. Annie Blonde who revealed that she came to the man's house after he tried reaching out to her several times, alleged that the man "concluded that she was drunk" when she asked him for her money.

Savage Trap Queen

Talk about peer pressure, then Savage Trap Queen's journey into the porn industry might count. According to skinny porn star, she joined the porn industry thinking it was a reality show. In an interview with The Punch, Savage Trap Queen said she got convinced by friends that featuring in porn movies will give her money and fame.

She said “I didn’t plan to be a porn star. A friend actually told me about the job. She told me it was a reality TV show and not porn. When I complained to her that some of the faces I saw were the individuals I knew as porn stars, she still maintained that it was a reality TV show.

“However, on getting there, I realized it wasn’t a reality show; it was porn. The girls and the first person I worked with were convincing and led me into it. I could have resisted them, but I was foolish. I thought it would fetch me money and fame because I love being in the limelight. I love celebrity lifestyle.”

The porn star has also revealed before now that she makes N80,000-100,000 for each porn movie she features in. She however went solo after allegedly assaulted by her former boss, Kingtblakhoc.

Maami Igbagbo

Ajibola Elizabeth a.k.a Maami Igbagbo was once the face of hoclifestyle brand before going solo. She was at the center of a controversy earlier this year after her ex-boyfriend, Kingtblakhoc called out popular singer Oritsefemi for allegedly trying to sleep with her even though he is married.

Though Kingtblakhoc addressed her as his "wife" on numerous occasions, they however fell out over an undisclosed incident. Maami Igbagbo has since launched a solo porn career and most of her porn videos have over a million views on known porn sites.

Maami Igbagbo who before now disclosed that she joined the porn industry because she has a passion for it and also has an ambition of becoming a popular adult movie star, has also been spotted in a handful of sex enhancement drug adverts for some brands.

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