Evelyn Ikandi Dresses Like First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Says This About Her


After a scandalous facebook post , Evelyn Ikandi has consistently updated her followers who are now spread across the country . She informs them of how he is coping after letting her secret out of the bag .

Ikandi in her recent post compares self to first lady Margaret Kenyatta . Known for her head scarfs , Ikandi noted that the first lady looked much better than her . She had a wrap on in what was seen as comparison or wanting to look like her . 

She said that she liked her decency , adding that she cannot dress like her because beach live called for casuals and few covers.

"I guess the head wraps and smile look really good on mama taifa mwenyewe (Maggie) I salute her decency and grace.Sisi tumezoea beach life huku where the body has to get fresh air na macasuals ," she says .

Ikandi hit the headlines weeks ago after alleging that she had sired two children with president Kenyatta. She was criticized and lauded in equal measure .she got a new Nick name mama taifa.She has not been reached out to by the state house or the head of state . Her allegations cannot be ascertained.

"We dont compete but compliment each other.The world would be so boring with only us "type"," she said.

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