Anywhere You Are, Say These Powerful Prayers For Financial Blessings


1. O God, any sin that have been hindering my financial blessings, O God, wash it away and forgive me in Jesus name.

2. O God, you are the God of everything, be the beginning and the end of my life in Jesus name.

3. O God, bless me financially anywhere I will step my foot in Jesus name.

4. O God, you are the alpha and omega, you have the power over all things, may financial blessings never lack in my life in Jesus.

5. O God, send helpers my way, send helpers that will bless me financially in Jesus Name.

6. O God, you promised us our daily bread, may your hands of blessings never fail to be upon in Jesus name.

7. O God bless me financially just as you blessed king Solomon in the Bible. May money never lack in my life in Jesus name. May I never have financial issues in Jesus name.

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