Pokot Elders Reverse Their Stand And Endorse DP Ruto For Presidency

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For a long time, the ODM party leader, Hon Raila Odinga, a former Kenyan prime minister, has enjoyed strong support from the country's northern regions. The West Pokot County and Turkana County, both in the northern section of the country, are part of this region. Despite being from the Rift Valley province, these two counties have thrown their support behind Raila Odinga and his ODM.

Today, one of these regions has dealt a blow to Hon Raila Odinga. This came when the Pokot Community reversed its stance and endorsed Dp Ruto for the president. The standard digital was used to create these reports.

As seen in this publication, the Pokot community, led by Mr Muok, chairman of the Pokot council of elders, has proclaimed their entire support for Dp Ruto, who is vying for the presidency of Kenya in 2022. Mr Muok went on to say that they would not be changing their allegiance in the future.

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