I Was Very Confused When I Got To Know This Culture And Tradition Practice Exist In Africa


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Another aspect of Africa is the beautiful scenery, fascinating nature and lovely destinations. There is a bigger part of Africa. We speak about customs and tradition with strong roots and people's influence. Some of these cultures are strange and incredible to have before you can believe that they exist on earth. You may have to experience it.

Two cultures from Tanzania and Kenya are blended in the Massai tribe. You may be amazed that spitting is a greeting sign. It is common for men to spit the baby when a new baby is born, and the baby is cursed. If a baby is blessed or loved, the baby is thought to be cursed. The warriors of Massai can

To prove your male hood in the Hamer tribe as young, you are expected to sail and land behind a bull then, without your clothing, you will have to pass through the backs of many bulls. Before that happens, boys' friends will be covered with red ochre mixed with fats in their bodies. These boys will be struck down by the elders after dancing until they will be injured or scars that remind them of loyalty.

In Uganda, the tribe of Banyankole, there is a minority tribe, where marriage means only that the bride's aunty will have to sleep with his bride. This is a power test, and the bride's sleep can often be seen or heard for the first time.

The Surma tribe has odd habits to allow their women to stretch their lip and the lower teeth to fit a lip plate. They can also stretch their ears and stretch their lips for men to be afraid.

The Wodaabe founded by a small Fulani tribe in north-east Cameroon, northern Nigeria and south-western Chad is home to a festival named the Gerewol Festival. The tribe dances by night and the men go to other tribes to rob women during the festival. Whether the woman is married doesn't matter, but if the woman refuses or the man tries to rob her husband is caught.

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