Splinter Omanyala Gives Jeff Koinange A Unique Gift As He Narrates His Journey In Athletics

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Splinter Ferdinand Omanyala on Wednesday, September 22, gifted Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange a hoodie from his own apparel line.

Towards the finish of the bulletin, Omanyala alongside his wife Laventa, disclosed a grey hoodie bearing the brand logo OF (initials of Omanyala Ferdinand) and gave it to the news anchor.

The logo additionally represented an athlete's posture toward the finish of a race. Shocked by the unexpected gift, Jeff praised Omanyala for the nice gesture. Laventa, who manages the apparel name, detailed that the artistic design was initially done by one of Omanyala's fans - just after the competitor started making waves in the industry.

Omanyala noticed that the dream of the company, Track-Ferdie, is to support African athletes as the vast majority of them do not have the essential equipment required during training just as on the track.

He additionally noticed that the company would guarantee Kenyan athletes were in control of a contract as a measure of safeguarding their rights just as interests.

During the interview, Omanyala narrated his journey from playing rugby at the University of Nairobi (UoN) to starting a career in the athletics industry in 2020.

He noticed how the five-year experience has ended up being a whirlwind experience."There was a period I applied to run in the Diamond League yet the email response from one of the directors said they couldn't believe me as he was unable to accept a Kenyan would run that quick," Omanyala expressed, noticing that at the time he had clocked in at 10:01 seconds at the trials.

He noticed that during his first year, he believed he would run in less than 10 seconds yet realized it would require a long time to excel and run an ideal race. However, he didn't know within a span of five years he would rub shoulders with the's who in the industry and arise successful in the process.

"The Kip Keino classic was hyped. I was scheduled to face the likes of Justin Gatlin and Trayvon Bromell. Prior to the race, I said in an interview that I would run in 9.7 seconds yet they didn't trust me. I managed to clock 9.77 seconds, beating Gatlin in the process," he expressed.Omanyala believed that he would break his own record as he expected to beat Jamaican Usain Bolt's 9.58 seconds World record.

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