Instead of Apologizing To Us, He Is Rather Making Us Angrier - Kevin Taylor Fires Freddie Blay


The Ghanaian investigative journalist and CEO of Loud Silence Media, Kevin Ekow Baido Taylor, has thrown some jabs at the National Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay, for saying that Ghanaians shouldn't blame NPP for disregard of covid-19 protocols at Sir John's funeral.

According to Kevin Taylor, Instead of Freddie Blay apologizing to Ghanaians, he is rather adding salt to our injuries.

Kevin Taylor made this statement on his 'With All Due respect' program yesterday, June 8th, 2021, when he reacted to Freddie Blay's comments.

According to Kevin Taylor, Freddie Blay cannot separate NPP from what happened at Sir John's funeral because every Ghanaian know that the funeral was organized by the NPP.

"Instead of him to come out and apologize to Ghanaians as a leader of a ruling Political Party, he is rather making people angrier. Since this crop of guys took over, they have never taken responsibility for anything. They don't respect us as Ghanaians." He said

He added that Freddie Blay shouldn't have been a leader of the great NPP party, and until wise people lead the NPP party, he will never Call himself an NPP member.

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