Players With highest number of red cards in history of football

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In this article today we are listing the players with the highest number of red cards in history.

So many players have been sent of because of their behaviour and aggressive behaviour towards players and referee during football matches.

Below are the list of players with highest number of red cards.

#9 – Vinnie Jones (12 career red cards)

#8 – Felipe Melo (14 career red cards)

#7 – Yannick Cahuzac (17 career red cards)

#6 – Pablo Alfaro (18 career red cards)

#5 – Paolo Montero (21 career red cards)

#4 – Alexis Ruano Delgado (22 career red cards)

#3 – Sergio Ramos (26 career red cards)

#2 – Cryil Rool (27 career red cards)

#1– Gerardo Bedoya (46 career red cards)

These players are well known for their game play in the field and are one of the best footballer players in their different team and league.

There are many other players in football with red cards but only few are listed here because of the numbers of red cards the have.

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