Rico Swavey Explains Why Men Date So Many Girls At The Same Time - Do You Agree With His Reason?

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Professional Softboy, Rico Swavey recently explained why men date so many girls at the same time.

The 2017 Big brother naija contestant, Rico Swavey who is a musician and an actor, took out time on his official social media handle to give a very hilarious reason as to why most men chose to date so many girls at the same.

‘Dating many girls it’s just a way of confusing your enemies from attacking your main girlfriend, but ladies will not understand this strategy’ he wrote.

However, most social media users reacted this way;

In my own personal opinion, I feel dating more than one lady breeds some form of disrespect for the man in quote. If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t think of getting another option. Genuine Love is supposed to be felt, established and demonstrated between two partners not three nor four.

I totally disagree with Rico Swavey, what are your thoughts?

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