Volta Region Created The Kente Fabric, But The Ashantis Gave It The Name Kente


Kente is a Traditional Ghanaian textile and it has been worn for years by many tribes in ghana, even till date.

The Kente textile is becoming one of the most beautiful and most worn textile material around the world.

Kente wears comes in different colors and different designs and even though people started wearing it in ghana, because it was done by Ghanaian, it's now worn by many people around the world.

People commonly wear kente in engagements, weddings, graduation, events and any special occasion that's is been held anywhere in ghana and beyond.

It is believed that the Ewe's started the making and wearing of the kente textile.

But the Ashanti gave it the name which is Kente to the textile and the name has been used for many years.

The name kente was gotten from a chief in the Ashanti region, who is known as Chief Oti Akenten.

He gave the textile the name Kente which is now known and been used globally to call the fabric.

Both the Ashanti and the voltarian are well known for wearing the Kente textile for all occasions.

The fact that someone reinvented your invention or recreated your song doesn't mean they created or own it.

Therefore I believe the Kente is from the Volta Region which are the Ewe's.

Here Are Some Lovely Kente Wears That Are Worn For Different Occasions:

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