"I Spent Five Years In Prison For Beating My Husband's Side chick, It Was The Worst Mistake," Lady Narrates


A lady by the name Robby has narrated how she was in prison for five years after she brutally beat her husband side chick and she says it was a worse mistake.

Robby says that by the time she met her husband she was a manager at a certain hotel and had bought a land and build a house for herself after she met the husband she sold everything and moved in with the husband.

She claims that selling all her properties was a bad idea but because she earned more money that her husband she even helped her husband to do a finishing the house he was still building.

After she got pregnant for her second born she stopped working and this is when her husband started cheating on her and she never confronted him in any day.

On this fate day her husband friend came and told her that her husband has being cheating on her and informed her that he has left him at her side chick place.

She decided to go and see for herself and when she entered the house when her husband saw her he ran away using back door and she was left with the side chick and she brutally beat her and used an iron and hit her on her spinal code and she ran away.

Robby went back home and found that her baby was not felling well and they were admitted at the hospital and the were the police came and informed her after the doctor discharge her to go to police station.

After the court ruling she was jailed for five years and she says that up to now the side chic still uses wheel chair and she feels sorry for that because anger made her do that and she wasted her five years in prison.

When she was released she found out that her husband had married again and was not taking Carr of their kids.

She has urge women to always try to control their anger and if the marriage is not working one should walk away to avoid doing something like she did out of anger.


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