The Inside Of The Over 500-Year-Old Tomb Where Jesus Was Buried Still Looks Magnificent.


Jesus Christ is the most prominent and religious man in history, having been depicted as the son of the Virgin Mary, the holiest woman in history, and the messiah who died to save all humans from spiritual death and give us eternal life.

The tomb in which Jesus Christ and Lazarus were laid to rest after he (Christ) was crucified has been meticulously repaired and passed down over the ages, preserving all Christian inscriptions, historical details, and sketches.

It was discovered in 1867 by Gabriel Barkay, an Israeli archeologist who claims the tomb dates from the 8th and 9th centuries BC.

The tomb is now a sacred site used for religious studies, religious activities, pilgrimages, and archeological research.

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While the exact tomb where Jesus is thought to have resurrected is unknown, there are three tombs that have striking similarities.

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