SADNEWS| He Tried To Save His Girlfriend From An Armed Rapist But This Unfortunately Happened

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South Africans will wake up to another badnews this morning as a young man lost his life trying to be a hero. Some people have decided to put guns in our street and even Jacob Zuma who is accused of dealing in guns is yet to face trial as he keep evading the law through his connections.

Just last night, the Members of the South African Reaction Unit (RUSA) were called for urgent medical treatment by members of the South African Police following the brutally shooting at Cornubia's home in Cornubia, KwaZulu-Natal.

According to confirmed reports from the official Reaction Unit in South Africa page, at around 04:00 yesterday, Saturday 28 May 2022, a 22 year young man and his 26 year old girlfriend unfortunately ran out of luck while were returning from a local tavern.

They were suddenly approached by a gunman, the suspect insisted that the woman follow him into the bush as she planned to defile her.

But, her boy lover fought back and the lady fled while her boyfriend fought her assailant, several shots were fired and the boy lover took some serious injury, the lady herself received a gunshot wound to the left leg, while the suspect fled on foot into the bush.

Fortunately for the lady, the Police arrived on the scene early before she bled out and called the South African Reaction Unit for urgent medical assistance. RUSA medics arrived at the scene and announced that the man had died, while the woman was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

A murderer and attempted murder cases are currently being investigated, suspects have not been determined. I pray his family and lover find comfort even in his death. May the soul of this young soul rest in peace.

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