Couple Pleads Guilty to 11 Counts of Forging Resignation Letters of Company Directors

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Willykester Ndanu Mwendwa and Patrick Juma Kingoro, a couple, were today charged with forgery at the Milimani Law Court before the Hon. Justice Angaya, Chief Magistrate. 

The two were charged with forging Minutes, Forms CR19 and resignation letters of the directors of Group Seven Security Company Abdi Sahal Ali and Hussein Hassan Ali purporting them to be genuine and valid documents.

They both pleaded guilty to forging the said minutes of Group Seven Security Company meeting held on 24th August 2017 and signed by Mr. Abdi Sahal as the Chairperson.

The two pleaded guilty to all the 11 counts of offences of forgery charged with.

They were also charged with The Complainant Company, Group Seven Security Company, through their Lawyer Suleiman Bashir who implored upon the Court to impose a harsh punishment on the husband and wife for forging their documents.

The Court sentenced each of the 2 to two months imprisonment with an alternative of a fine of two Kenya Shillings Twenty Thousand (Kshs. 20,000).

However, the Complainant's Lawyer Suleiman Bashir was dissatisfied with the sentence terming it as lenient.

The ruling is set to sent a message to the public about falsifying minutes of meetings which seems to be an emerging trend in the country.

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