"Rest in Peace" Kenyans Join Renown Singer 'King Kaka' After he Loses a Dear One


Kenyans have overwhelmingly joined renown musician King Kaka in mourning after he disclosed that he had lost a dear friend on Tuesday evening.

Through his official social media accounts, the renown artist well known by his stage name King Rabbit captioned his message with the words "Safiri salama, tutaonana baadaye".

His message comes weeks after he appealed for financial assistance from his friends to help his friend seek medical attention since he was unwell by then.

The unnamed friend had come to sit King Rabbit during his show in Meru county and losing him must have been really painful for him.

He however had not disclosed the ailment that his friend was suffering from even in his previous post while seeking fur the help from Kenyans.

Below are messages of condolences and goodwill to Kenyans.

"Rip bro wa finally king umecheza role yako maze tried to help this guy nakumbuka ukiwa show meru this guy came to meet you. So sad"John

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