[Record] NK Real Galaxy Had Played 10 Football Games Unbeaten

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Another football record had been set by NK Real Galaxy in the Ghanaian division three league.

The team had made their plans to play well just the get the chance to join the division two league and also set a record that can not be broken. Before the team plays the Ghanaian division two (2) league, the team must qualify from division three.

Based on this, NK Real Galaxy had played 10 games in a row unbeaten. They played 7 games in the league and gain 17 points from it.

Game 1: Kechebi vs NK Real Galaxy [ WIN ].

Game 2: NK Real Galaxy vs Issovalle [ Draw ].

Game 3: Ashiabre vs NK Real Galaxy [ WIN ].

Game 4: NK Real Galaxy vs Bonakye [ WIN ].

Game 5: Bonakye vs NK Real Galaxy [ Draw ].

Game 6: NK Real Galaxy vs Ashiabre [ WIN ].

Game 7: Issovalle vs NK Real Galaxy [ WIN ].

The team is at the top position with 17 points based on the games played.

They have also played 3 games in the "SALA GALA" and won two with a draw.


W D W W D W W.


W D W.

This is a record set by the team and for Ghana 🇬🇭 as well.

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