Sadly Khaya Magadla Has Been Found Dead.

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Khayalethu Magadla dove into an uncovered sewer vent at a well known park on Mtambo Street in Dlamini, Soweto, and has been missing since.

From Monday police jumpers, heros, paramedics and metropolitan specialists have been working diligently attempting to track down him, yet salvage laborers accept after such a lot of time, the possibilities finding him alive are thin.

As per authorities the last any expectation of finding him is at a sewer parted chamber in Klipspruit.

The chamber arranged close to the Avalon Cemetery is the main issue where all sewage and garbage streams to. There, authorities were confident they will gain ground.

On Sunday at 18:00, representative for the City of Johannesburg Emergency Management Services, Robert Mulaudzi said the group was wrapping up activities after another ineffective pursuit.

He said for the following hour or so the group would brief Magadla's folks on the day's occasions.

"[We] likewise show them the recording taken in the sewer...because we made a update them on an everyday basis...which truly becomes close to home. 30 minutes to an hour of us preparation them and them additionally asking us a few inquiries," Mulaudzi said.

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