2023 Election: We need the Messiah that brings forth Messiahs


The citizens of the seventh most populous country in the world, Nigeria, had always faced a dilemma when it comes to electing their political leaders. Perhaps this is in line with the constant failure and continual let down that they had experienced in the hands of their previous leaders.

Since 1999 that the military had relinquished power to the civilians, the expense of a quality life kept adding to its feathers. Corruption, embezzlement, nepotism and unemployment kept soaring higher by the day despite the leadership of the experienced political leaders that had been elected in the past.

But the 2023 election is different from the previous elections that could be treated lightly. The country with the largest black population in the world is currently at a delicate position where insecurity and economic recession is eating it up from each sides. The kind of political leaders that would be elected in the forthcoming 2023 election would determine the destiny of this country, probably for the rest of this century. 

This is why it is essential to elect the right leader that can shoulder the mistakes and failures of the past leaders in one shot. This might at first seem impossible due to the long term damage that the nation has endured. But reading further, one would agree that if the incoming political leader can possess the quality stated below, Nigeria would experience a positive change that had always been restricted in the space of her citizens' dream.

A lot of experts had suggested that electing national president in a multiethnic country like Nigeria should be a rotational process. However, the task of nation building is not what an individual or a group of people can achieve, it requires the contribution of every component that made up the country. The political responsibility of the citizens does not stop at the election poll, it spans from election to the very end of each successful political administration. The president and his/her colleagues are just the men at the helm of the ship, the ship of a nation has no passengers but crew members. We all have no destination, we go where the ship goes and that is why the strength of every occupants of the ship is required to keep it afloat.

If a political leader could posses the mindset that the burden of nation building is not what he or the members of his kitchen cabinet alone can handle. It is only a matter of time before we experience the growth we see in developed nations if all hands are invited to lift the nation higher.

The invitation mentioned above does not refer to the audio campaign we see in the media, where people are implored to save their country without employment. The office of the president itself must organize competitions that would facilitate the nation's growth in every sector. This shouldn't be restricted to experts alone, even students in tertiary institution should be given the opportunity to proffer and implement ideas that would move the nation forward in each sector they major in.

This would eradicate the tribal competition we tied ourselves onto over which ethnic group should produce the nation leader. That energy would rather be channeled towards which ethnic group can produce more solution to the nation's problem.

Nigeria needs the leader who can inspire the spirit of leadership in every member of the country. Where he or she lacks the skill to save the nation, millions of individuals whom he or she had inspired with equal opportunity would supplement there. The problems of Nigeria can never be solved by one leader but by a leader who can produce leaders and this is why the nation must choose right in the forthcoming election.

M.S.Babatunde feedback-newshub@operanewshub.com