Nelson Havi revealed the intentions of Uhuru Kenyatta to the LSK leadership

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been receiving plenty of challenges in his leadership.

According to Nelson Havi through his official twitter account, Uhuru' s Jubilee is trying to influence the LSK. He alleged that Jubilee want to create a parallel President at the LSK through the fired CEO because they want to render the LSK dysfunctional just like they rendered DP William Ruto dysfunctional.

" Jubilee is doing to LSK leadership what it has done to itself: render the elected Deputy President dysfunctional. It wants to create a parallel President at LSK through the fired CEO. If you can extricate the 8 Council Members from the Government' s web, there will be a solution. " Tweeted Nelson Havi.

Since Nelson Havi took over as the President of the LSK, things have not been good. He fired his own CEO Mercy in a controversial manner something that seems to be haunting him at the moment. That is because the fired CEO decided not to concede defeated thus she came back fighting on.

In President Uhuru Kenyatta' s last days as the President, more is yet to be witnessed. There is still plenty of dramas as Kenyans wait patiently for him to endorse a candidate for 2022 before breaking their silence.