"About 9Pm Yesterday, Car Break Failed And Almost Killed Me And My Kids Inside Our Room - Lady


Sometimes when we do sleep, work or play God do prevent many bad thing from happening to us. Such things like home accident, road accident and even unforseen occurrence.

We do escape most danger which is unknown to us during the day and also a night. That is the reason we should always give thanks to God everyday.


A lady narrated how God helped her and her family escaped death.

She said my people help me thank God. "At about 9pm motor break failed and almost killed me and my kids inside our room.

Check out the car that almost killed her below

She added my kids were sleeping in the mat right there when I decided to carry them into the bed. 10 minute later this happened.

If not that there are few wedges there the car would have entered into the room only God know what would have happened.

Here is the photo of the lady who gave this testimony.

Please let thank God for his grace in our life.

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