Man Who Hasn’t Washed His Hair For 40 Years Says Dreads Are Blessings From God.


Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63, on the other hand, claims that he hasn't washed his 6ft dreadlocks in 40 years and considers them a divine blessing. Sakal wears his hair in a turban on top of his head after it naturally wove itself into a jatta (dreadlock), which he says was a divine blessing. As a mark of gratitude, his neighbors in the Munger district of Bihar state, India, refer to him as Mahatma Ji.

He said that God instructed him not to cut his hair and to abstain from drinking and smoking in order to show his devotion.

Sakal ties his hair up in a white cloth whenever he goes out in an attempt to maintain some semblance of cleanliness; otherwise, it will trail on the floor behind him.

People travel from far and wide to visit him and take pictures of him because he is known as a healer who prepares home-made treatments for childless couples. Sakal Dev is married to Rupiya Devi and has three sons, three daughters, and seven grandchildren. He has worked for the forest department for 31 years.He claims that his wife is unconcerned about his unruly hair. Florida woman Asha Mandela holds the record for the world's longest dreadlocks, measuring an impressive 110 feet (34m) when she was 55 in 2018.

Harald I, a ninth-century Viking king, took an oath not to cut or comb his hair until he conquered all of Norway, gaining him the nickname "Shaggy Harald."