OPINION: Government Must Listen to the Plights of Division 2 Leagues and others in Ghana.


Sometimes, I could not understand the country we find ourselves. Can the Government give any tangible reason why, the Division 2 League has not commenced till now? It is mind blowing and difficult to comprehend the glaring discrimination going on in the country. Government must wipe their cries for them.

Strikingly, other leagues have commenced for the past one year in the county, except Division 2 League. Even Kindergarten children are going to school, and such caliber of league is being given a second thought. Ghana Premier League, Africa Champions League and even the Division 1 League is currently going on, but why Division 2?


The government has placed ban on the league, because of covid-19. To be fair, the band needs to bind all leagues and not selected ones. What is the difference between, people organizing short tournaments across the country, and allowing the league to rather operate? This acts from authorities does not order well for Ghana.

Government is currently vaccinating the populace against the virus, and still think that is not safe enough for the league to start. I can’t put things together because, it is shocking, the way the people are treated as if, they are little children. This must stop, because it makes no sense.


The joint covid-19 team; consisting of Ghana Football Association and Government and others, has come out with the guidelines for reopening the Leagues in the country. After all the directions, some leagues are still not opened. If it is not insensitivity, then I don’t know.

The Management Team gave a direction that, every stadium, pitch or Astroturf, should have at least two Veronica bucket for washing hands, a thermometer gun and soap. No serious team in Ghana, cannot afford or meet these requirements. This can never be the reason why the league is still pending.

Also, there must be a strict adherence to social distancing and wearing of face mask. For Christ sake, this people are not children that needs any special pressure before, they do the right thing. I don’t think that, all the supporters are lawless people and will flout the directions. Oh, that is even the reason why, security men are sent to maintain law and other in the football sites.

Again, every match must host few numbers of supporters like about 25%, to watch the game. Can’t the various teams adhere to this directives? The M.T and Government must tell Ghanaians, the rationale behind their actions, against the Leagues.


Firstly, the financial challenges imposed on the clubs, by this action is very scaring to hear. The teams need money to manage the players, and the total administration of the club. The Covid-19 Support Fund is very tiny to make a meaningful change. About GHS 29,000.00 is not enough for the day to day running of the clubs. They should stop wasting tax payer’s money on a situation that can be handled easily.

Moreover, the performance and fitness of the players will come down drastically. The more the players stay home the more their career is dying slowly. The team will either buy new players or spent extra money in training the old players. Some are going to be unemployed, and others will lose their investment, if the team could not function well or collapsed, and many more challenges.

It is obvious that, government intentionally refused to allow the league to operate. Unless they have another tangible reason apart from covid-19. If not, then I will assume that, the league is not going on, because of selfish interest of the government and GFA. This will not help, if we really want to develop Ghana. We can’t intentionally be killing someone, and at the same time, trying to either convince the person or shearing crocodile tears.

The Division 2 league is pleading with the government and GFA, to lift the ban placed on them. No one will fight with the government, but can voiced out his plights for all to see. Lifting the ban will save the career of the players, coach, management, staff and other workers. This will enable them pay tax for the development of mother Ghana.

Pic; ghsports and facebook.

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