Exercise your brain to increase your intelligence


Check out the primary elements discovered to be involved in increasing your intelligence.Overall intelligence can be improved.Intelligence can be increased with the right stimulus. The gains are dependent on the amount of training, the more you train,the you gain.

1.Seek Novelty.

Do things you have never done before.Novel experiences trigger release of dopamine, the motivation neurotransmitter.It also stimulates the creation of new neurons.But as soon as you master it, the benefit stops.

2.Always stay ahead of your comfort zone.

3.Think Creatively.

Your brain grows new neurons when you think outside of the box.Do things the hard way.Relying on technology degrades mental skills, so put away the calculator, turn off spellcheck and autocorrrect.

4.Stay social.

Interacting with others exposes you to new ideas and situations which lead cognitive growth.

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