Survival Habits You Should Adopt Once You Clock 40


There are certain habits you should adopt immediately you clock 40 and above to avoid dying early. If you are the type of person that everything goes, you must endeavour to stop it as you grow older especially when you clock 40 and above because 40 is the average life expectancy of Nigerians.

So, immediately you get to this age, endeavour to change your habits. Some habits are acceptable for younger individuals and not for middle aged. Some of these habits range from eating habits to even lifestyle activities. Just sit tight and learn from this article.

1. Reduce Your Sodium Intake; this means you should cut down on the amount of salt you take in. If you are the kind of person that loves eating meals that are a bit salty, then you must think twice and do away with the habit to live longer. Consumption of salt in excess or even above average for people that have clocked 40 and above can culminate in high blood pressure. You are prone to developing hypertension once you clock 40 and above. So be careful.

2. Reduce Your Sugar Intake; this is yet another dangerous thing people often neglect. Even younger individuals are advised to abstain from sugar talk more of middle aged people. Once you clock 40 and above, cut down on the amount of sugar you consume whether in tea or soft drinks, just reduce drastically because chronic diseases often lie in wait around this age bracket.

3. Limit Alcohol Intake; if you are the type of person that enjoys drinking alcohol, I'll suggest you also cut down a bit as you get older. An individual that has hit 40 is no longer a kid and is prone to developing severe health challenges, so the best thing you can do for yourself in this situation is to limit the alcohol you drink.

4. Don't Neglect Your Night Sleeps; no matter what your work is all about, don't always abstain or neglect night rests once you clock 40 and above. This is because the body often relaxes and refreshes at night and if you are 40 and above and neglect your night sleeps, then you are preparing yourself for early death.

5. Cut Down on Fried Foods; this is very important. As you age or grow older, you must learn to live without eating fried foods; patch it up by eating more of fruits as that's what your body needs at this point and not oily stuff. Eating fries too much at this age might increase the Cholesterol in your blood and thus expose you to numerous health challenges.