How to shine in your spiritual life as a youth


One very important area the Lord expects every young person to excel in their spiritual life. The task remains a herculean one as the moral fibre of our societies sees unprecedented decay and spiritual bankruptcy. A good spiritual life is simply deepening your intimacy with the Lord. It is not exclusive to the demonstration of charismatic giftings but rather a combination of both charisma and character.

The kingdom of God is a spiritual world where power, righteousness, peace and joy proceeds from. God is a spiritual being. Therefore, your spiritual connection, authority and right standing with the Highest depending on how vibrant you are with spiritual things because you cannot worship God or please him in your natural state. Hallelujah!

This is the active time for the youth to reign and shine as stars if we are indeed the light of the world. To shine in your spiritual life as a youth is to display your excellent virtues of the kingdom publicly by actively involving yourself in all church activities. You are never too young to achieve spiritual results but I challenge you to break forth the status quo and positively affect your environment.

You will shine forth by eating the word indiscriminately, fasting and praying, meditating and walking with people who are spiritually ahead of you. With this, you will experience the kingdom in whatever you do. Young people must also understand that you remain spiritually relevant when you are willing to always sit under the feet of the father's and eschew all rebellious acts.

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