Another well-known businessman killed in hail of bullets last night.

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Last night, more shots killed another well-known businessman.

Getting through a day in the Republic of South Africa without getting killed is a miracle, especially if you are a business person.

In the Republic of South Africa, crime has reached a whole new level. Business people and their families are being targeted for money, and sometimes we don't even know why.

Almost every week, we hear about a business person who was killed or a business person's family member who was kidnapped for money.

SOWETAN LIVE said that a well-known businessman from Motherwell in Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape province, died at Livingstone Hospital on May 23, 2022, after being shot a few blocks from his restaurant.

Ulundi Mpulu died when he was only 23 years old. The police of the Republic of South Africa are looking into the murder and trying to figure out why he was killed.

It hurts so much to hear that the young business owner, who hired a lot of people, died in that way.

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