Check out this handsome six(6) year old boy with packs (PHOTOS)


Check out this handsome six(6) year old boy with packs (PHOTOS)

A Child dream is to be someone great in the future. To be Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers is the dream of some children. It's great to have young children aspiring to be great people.

While other kids are aspiring to work in the fields of medicine, law and other disciplines, a young boy by the name Arat aspires to be a footballer and he is doing a good job working towards it. Surprisingly, he is only 6 years of age. That's really a great feat.

His father discovered his talent at the age of 3 when he started scaling walls and has monitored his progress since then. Kudos to him!

This young boy also has packs. Packs! That's something. He trained hard to get this physique and due to this, he is able to perform some gymnastics poses.

He aspires to be a soccer player just like his idols, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and practices daily.

Due to his amazing talent, he has been scouted by Famous English Football Clubs and is currently training at Liverpool Academy.


Image credit: arat.gym/Instagram

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