Reno Omokri Explains Why He Loves Dogs, Shares Photos Of His Dogs

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Reno Omokri is a popular Nigerian human rights activist and lawyer, he is well known for his 'Reno nuggets'. His 'Reno nuggets' are short write ups that he regularly posts on his social media accounts.

He recently shared another Reno nugget on his Twitter account, this time it was about man's best friend, dogs. He wrote that many people have asked him why he likes dogs and gave his reasons. He also posted four pictures of himself with four different dogs.  

He explained that it is very rare to experience that type of loyalty that dogs have for humans in another human. He went on to give an example of how a dog will stay in a person's grave to cry, while the person's husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend has moved on to another relationship.

After he made the post on Twitter, it got lotbof likes, comments and reactions. Many people that commented on the post seemed to agree with him. Below are some of the comments and reactions.

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