"All Questions Should Be Directed to You Now That Uhuru Will Not Campaign For Anyone" Ruto Told

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Uhuru's Ally and Banker Mohammed Wehliye has given His opinions concerning the new direction of the ongoing campaigns, saying that the decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to opt out of Campaigns would be a disaster to William Ruto, and His camp should not cheer up, and rather craft ways to cushion themselves against defeat.

Speaking through Twitter, Wehliye says Uhuru purposely decided to announce His neutrality since He will now leave the two combatants, Raila and Ruto tu fight for themselves to establish their territories in Mt Kenya, since He was targeting to give Ruto another unexpected attack, that will leave Him returning to the drawing board, since He was banking on Uhuru's bad image among Kenyans to be used to ruin Raila's chances.

He further revealed that Ruto will now be exposed to direct questions from Kenyans concerning what He did while in Office to help Uhuru to salvage the Country from trouble, since He allegedly stopped working with the president in 2017. Wehliye said that all the past experiences that led to the collapse of the economy, long held attitudes between leaders and even unsatisfied queries that seem to be burdensome will now be carried by Him.

He however lauded Martha Karua saying that She is an iron lady who has been ranked as one of the top politicians in matters of mobilization and strategic moves and She does not require anyone's assistance to make inroads to Mt Kenya region that will see them attain victory.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir who also joined His Ally to crucify Tangatanga faction said that Ruto whose original party was known as URP now UDA went round the Country while promising Kenyans that they will create 5 Million Jobs for the youths, construct world standard Stadiums that will enable Kenya host Big world games and nature talents, improve industrialization and even provide clean water.

The Lawyer reminded Kenyans that all the promises were never accomplished but instead resulted in emergence of very unprecedented corruption that saw the Country being plunged into huge debts that dragged the economy, rise in matters of insecurity in the Country, that led to much violence and other problems.

While giving His final word on the same, He asked Kenyans to consider reflecting back on the happenings that led to the current poverty, rise up and hold Ruto and His allies accountable for the Problems, and never consider any promise from them practical.

The two have been actively attacking the UDA Minions on several occasions, while promising to expose their dirty tracks that they allegedly covered, for their sanity and political prosperity.

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