Why Is Senator Keg Sold At Throw Price Despite Its Quality?


Senator Keg is a favorite drink to many Kenyans. This is due to its quality and affordable price. Here are factory that articulate to its price. 

Local Sourcing

Sorghum grain is primarily used in Senator without the quality being compromised. Today, 80% of the raw ingredients are procured from 62,000 local farmers whom EABL has contracted for this purpose.

Inexpensive packaging

Packaging costs have been cut down to a minimum by the beer not being filled into glass bottles but only into 50-liter kegs . A hand pump had to be developed for this purpose to avoid costly tapping equipment having to be used. Less carbon dioxide was also added to the beer so that it can be drawn from the barrel when warm without too much foaming. 

Low Taxation

Brewery petitioned the Kenyan government to reduce taxes on Senator Keg in the hope that the lower price would lure cash-strapped drinkers away from illicit liquor. The authorities actually accepted this line of argument and granted concessions on the payment of excise duty, initially of 100% (80% today).

These factors have made it possible for senator Keg to be affordable, where they are in two main brands ;black and regular.


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