Mixed Reactions As Malami Claimed He Never Ordered The Prosecution Of Those Using Twitter


Nigeria's Attorney-General, Malami has claimed that he never ordered the arrest, prosecutions of Nigerians who are still using Twitter despite ban.

Recall, the media had it that Malami ordered the arrest, prosecution of those who were still using Twitter despite ban from the federal government. The news which was one of the top trending news made Nigerians sad.

However, Malami has denied the allegations saying he never ordered any arrest or prosecution of anyone. He said that the only people who are going to be arrested are those people or companies that enable Twitter to bypass the ban.  

Malami made it known that it is the fundamental right of Nigerians to Tweet from anywhere around the world. 

Let's get to see how people reacted over Malami's claim below;  

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Source: Sahara Reporters

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