Sadly this is what happens to our girls in colleges


responsibility of parents runs very vast and it’s not only financial and educational support ; moral support is the most valuable.

Once our daughters turn 18 and it’s time to go to college, university or higher educational programs, they are faced with new life challenges which either breaks them or makes them something else.

Peer influence from friends turns to be something else in their lives. They lack the moral support from parents or anyone who’s close to them.

Our girls are the most influenced and the most vulnerable to enduldge in sexual activities which has increased the rates of STIs and other sexually transmitted diseases which are incurable like HPV.

IN my latest study shows in 2 out of 10 girls in our Kenyan colleges have already practiced abortion and 3 out of 10 know a friend who has aborted before or who’s yet to.

The future of this people is at a very high risk as this reduces the rates of fertility in ladies when they turn to women and settle down to have their families.

This can be prevented right from the parents as soon as our ladies turn 18. The major and the easy way to help out is through taking to this young ladies from homes and preparing them before they get to college.

We need to prepare this minds and mentor them from high school and help them to face a better future of their dreams.

We’ve to show them support right from the young age, this could be a task of the dads and show them love and care, this can also include teaching then the right way to live.

We know the economic situation and which is everywhere, as a family has to make sure the financial situation is explained when to the kids and make them aware. 

This helps to reduce such issues as this will make them accept themselves and the situation that they are in. Moral support can help heavily. 

Help them understand the importance of making decisions for themselves all through can make them better grown-ups. 

Teach responsibility to our young man and help them be aware of how to understand this and avoid this tough decisions. 

Help then avoid the usage of drugs which leads to sexual abuses or unsafe sex. Help us to void and stop this,