Accident Along Westlands Redhill Road Link Kills Two


An accident along Westlands Redhill Road Link near flyover in Nairobi's Lower Kabete has claimed lives of two bodaboda riders. This has been reported by Ma3Route as received from @christiansuji.

Waiyaki Way-Redhill Road Linkage. Photo courtesy of The Star Newspaper

According to the source, the accident happened this evening involving a Prado whose driver is said to have been drank. The Prado hit the riders who died on the spot.

The report also indicates that the vehicle went ahead to hit 2 other vehicles leading to a heavy traffic jam.

The tweet from Ma3Route reads, "Kuna accident imegappen along Westland link road pale Kwa flyover ya lower kabete on the bypass a drunk Prado owner has hit 2 boda boda guys killing them on the spot and hitting to other cars so jam iko hapo noma. Avoid hio route via @christiansuji."

In another incident reported earlier by the same source a bodaboda rider was knocked dead on Thika Road near Mathari leading to a traffic snurl." A bodaboda rider has been knocked dead on Thika Road inbound at Mathari Mental Hospital, "read a post on their Facebook page.

All road users need to observe traffic rules whenever using our public roads all the time to reduce or if possible to bring to end road accidents which claim lives on daily basis.