Nasarawa Needs To Compete With Other States In The Federation.


It's is time to work on your deputy who is not complementing your effort in the state, Despite we are from the PDP party are planning seriously to retake over the mantle of leadership in the state, we are equally enjoying you to keep legacies that when we come in, we s do more and better than what we are coming to meet on ground from your administration.

Your Excellency sir, for you to achieve this, you have to changed your deputy who is not competent and smart to work with you. The man the has been chosen on the bases of the zone, religion and tribe to represent their interest is not doing anything to carrying the people along.

Even your supporters who are mostly from APC are bitterly complaining of your deputy who has failed to act smartly the way the your predecessor's deputy did while in office. They are only afraid of saying it out to the hearing of the public for fear of being accused of disloyalty to the party.


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