Wajackoyah Reveals What He Will Do With Military Officers Immediately He Is Sworn In As President

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Wajackoyah has revealed of what he will do with the military officers immediately he is elected president come August 9th polls. According to him, he will first of all suspend the constitution and use the military officers in running his civilian government.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/ntvkenya/status/1542044472023941121?s=20&t=Khi_J2460vOshsfSr7NOyQ

Photo. Chief of Defence Forces, Robert Kibochi and other military of officers

Wajackoyah is confident this county needs leaders who can add value to the country and not jokers who are after enriching themselves. According to Kibochi, the military discipline is key in day to day operations of his government.

Wajackoyah is confident and clear that moving into the August 9th polls, he will be able to win in round one. According to him, those playing the politics of insults will not succeed. He is clear as we move into the August 9th polls.

Wajackoyah is confident at the moment he has all that it takes to win and the military officers must never be scared or threatened by his recommendations. He is sure at the moment, he will do everything within his power to ensure military officers come into his civilian administration to give quality service to citizens.

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