I buried my mom alone without my family members & here is why, Lady reveals sad truth

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I buried my mom alone without my family members and here is why, Lady reveals sad truth:

- Family members are supposed to support each other in they're time of need, because they're the only ones who knows they're background, They're hardships and struggles of living together, But to a one lady it was totally different as she was ditched by other family members when her mom died.


A lady recently revealed why she buried her mom alone during her funeral, after her other family members decided to ditch her. The lady on twitter went on to reveal why and how they ignored her and her mom when she died. The young lady went on to say the following,

"My cousins didn't come to my moms funeral as well my aunt and uncles. My cousins decided to get involved in a family feud that involved our parents which I find very childish. I cut everyone off the day I buried my mother. They thought their mothers are immune to death. Look now."

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I personally think that family fights shouldn't be an issue when it comes to funerals also, if anyone of the family members passes away all the family members should put they're grudges away and tend to they're loved one's, help with the funeral even though they didn't seem to like each other. It also brings peace to one another. So I think family fights shouldn't be a thing.

Twitter users were surprised by what they just read, and many went on to share they're own thoughts towards the statement shared by the young Lady. Many went on to say the young lady should go and attend the funeral or help out, it doesn't matter if they didn't come to hers,

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