4 Reasons Why Men Ghost Women

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I will start by defining what ghosting means in a relationship.

Ghosting means at some point a man was very interested with you,started dating and after some time he vanishes from you without notice. I will share some of the reasons that drives him away.

1. When you act desperate

Naturally,when a woman is approached by a man, it gives her a special feeling that someone has noticed her and probably liked her,it comes with some excitement especially when a woman is looking for love as well. A woman may respond very positively and start taking her roles in the man's life like going for sleep overs,having sex,washing and cooking for him way too early before the guy even commits, normally this is how a woman expresses her love....the man may interpret it as being desperate . He may ghost you when he don't know how to disappoint you.

2. When he is scared of commitment

A man may date you and enjoy good times,the night outs,lunch dates and get to know his friends . It reaches a point where things start getting serious and might not be ready to make the next move. It is hard for a man to openly dismiss a woman instead,he will take the easy option that doesn't need explanation or accountability. He will vanish from your life.

3. He is not available

Majority of men will pursue women in all seasons of their life,he might be single, married or about to marry. Not all times that they will admit to have other commitments in their lives, that's why dating is important you get to know a person more before committing your life with them. In this case a woman may think that he is single and fall for his lies. When the relationship start getting deeper and he fears it might destroy his marriage or other relationship,he will take off and leave you in darkness wondering what you did wrong.

4. After having your cookie

This happens alot of times, majority of men will pretend to love you just because they want to take you to bed, women on other side give in to his advances to keep him. After he manages to have you,the chase is over he moves on to the next catch. One of the reasons why sex should wait untill marriage,sexual discipline avoids 80% of relationship problems.

If you relate this to any incidence in your life now you have the answers. Please comment and share your views.

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