Two Grabbed For Transporting Dry Skull And Human Bones At Kraboa-coaltar


 Some the youth in the country are getting it all wrong, they don't want to work but want to drive bigger cars, build mansions and live a lavishly life style. This is becoming too much and if precaution measures aren't taking it would soon be accepted as norm.

Where the youth will only restore to money rituals as the only source to become rich in our society rather working, I'm really afraid the kind of legacy these so call future leaders are demonstrating towards living legends in the country.

Just as family and sympathizers are recovering from the shock of the 10-year-old boy who was brutally murdered in cold blood, where every Ghanaian condemning the act, another two guys have be arrested this morning in connection with humans part at Kraboa-coaltar in the Suhum District of the Eastern Region.

The suspects are identified as Awatey David Okra 22, a taxi driver as well and Amenuvor Nicholas 20. They were grabbed by the Unit committee Chairman of Kwamekyere Electoral Area, Mr. Aware Isaac as he spotted them in possession of dry skull and human bones in an attempt to transport the item, unfortunately he together with the youth of the town handed them to the Kraboa-Coaltar Police.

 This case must be well investigated because the fetish of the kasoa saga and her shrine is in same district, they may have connections with the kasoa criminal cases.

Interestingly, every criminal in Ghana has a football age and want to be rich without working.

There was a time, armed robbers cases were on the rise, but today money rituals all over in the heart of some of the youth, its reaching a point government make laws to eradicate these mad youth from our society so that people can have their peace of mind in the country.

These human slaughter all the time must stop immediately.