Eric Bischoff's Epic Reaction To Roman Reigns' WWE Return, Shares Honest Opinon On The Heel Turn

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Eric Bischoff returned for another edition of Sportskeeda's live Q&A session, UnSKripted with Chris Featherstone. The former SmackDown Executive Director was asked a plethora of questions by the fans, and one of them, unsurprisingly, was with regards to Roman Reigns' recent WWE return at SummerSlam and whether or not the Big Dog could work as a heel.

The question was brought up by Brian Thornsburg, a regular contributor at Sportskeeda.

When it came to Roman Reigns' return, Eric Bischoff was overwhelmingly positive about the comeback. Bischoff sent a message to the WWE by tipping his hat to the company. Bischoff praised WWE for not only coming up with the idea but also executing it in a way that no one saw coming. Yes, Bischoff had to use the SummerSlam tagline to get his point across, which made the reaction epic.

Here's what Bischoff said:

"I think bringing him back is a surprise. You know, thank god for surprises, right. We love surprises in professional wrestling. That's one of the things that audiences on all four corners of the globe will agree on. They love surprises. Hats off to WWE for being able to come up with it. Not only to come up with the idea but also to execute it in a way that no one saw it coming."

Eric Bischoff's honest opinions on Roman Reigns' heel turn

As far as Roman Reigns' heel turn it concerned, Eric Bischoff felt that the turn should have happened a couple of years ago when the Big Dog was inarguably one of the most hated men on the roster.

Bischoff explained that the WWE has been 'trying to swim upstream' with regards to Roman Reigns' character, and they may not be all that interested in witnessing a character transformation right now.

While Bischoff added that he hoped he was wrong about his theory, he said that WWE's decision to book a Roman Reigns' heel turn might have come a little too late.

Here's what the veteran had to say about the Roman Reigns heel turn:

"Roman as a heel, look, I wish it would have happened a couple of years ago. The timing was right a couple of years ago. I think they tried to swim upstream for so long now that the audience may just be fatigued. They may not be quite interested in the Roman Reigns character as they were two years ago. I pray that I'm wrong about that. I really pray that I'm wrong about that. That's just my gut instinct, though, because the audience has been wanting it. They have been begging for it. They have been asking for it. They have been petitioning for it and to have been ignored, basically, for two or three yeats or more, they may have gotten to a point where they may have become numb to it, to a degree. To a small degree or not to a small degree. Time will tell. I hope I'm wrong. I think it's a little too late."

Eric Bischoff also spoke about RETRIBUTION, Keith Lee's debut, Orange Cassidy, his AEW debut, comparisons to Tony Khan, why WWE booking sucks, and much more during the Q&A session.

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