Popular Ethic Gengetone Artists Involved In an Accident Leaving Them With Bruises


The most popular Gengetone music group" Ethic" has had one scary evening today. The crew which consist of singer Rekles, Swat, Seska and Zilla were travelling in a private car. They were heading to attend an event. It is reported that their car got an accident and overturned. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Everybody came out alive even though they were bruised. It was not so clear why their car got an accident and who might be responsible for that. The crew is yet to reveal that shocking moment which left their fans scared. The four artists were taken to hospital and doctors gave them some painkillers. They were discharged and left to go home. This comes few days after the ring leader of that group Rekles flaunted his new Subaru car claiming he is going to enjoy moments. We hope that the insurance cover caters for this damage. May the four guys have a quick recovery.(source, Nairobi Gossip Club)

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