Diamond Platnumz Bongo Flavour Star and Beautiful Ladies He Has Dated


Tanzanian Bongo star artist Diamond Platinumz has proven not only to be good in music but also in getting very beautiful ladies. His rise in fame could be the reason but also his good vibe in his bongo music too. 

1. Wema sepetu

she is a youtuber and an actor. She and Diamond dated for a while then broke up due to diamond cheating her with a close friend. They reconciled but Simba did not stop cheating so they broke up for good.

2. Penniel Mungilwa

she is a radio presenter. Simba cheated wema sepetu with Penniel and Jokate Mwegelo. She is just a victim of Diamond uncontrolled appetite for ladies.

3. Upendo Mushi

she is a Bongo flavour actress who dated Diamond at the beginning of his career.

4. Auntie Ezekiel 

There been rumours that Diamond platinum has ever had love affairs with Auntie. She is very big actress in Bongo flavour.

5. Rehema Fabian 

She is a model who confessed Diamond had promised to marry her. She had an affair with diamond at the beginning of his career.

6. Jokate Mwegelo.

She was Wema sepetu best friend who dated Diamond behind her back betraying her friendship.

7. Jackline Wolper 

She is a very beautiful lady who leaves men staring at her elegance. She worked as a video vixen in some of diamond songs and later had an affair with diamond platinumz.

8. Zari Hassan 

She is a Ugandan socialite who is well known as the Boss lady. She had the longest successful relationship with Diamond but too couldn't stand the rumours of him cheating. They have kid Nillan and Tittah.

9. Hamisa Mobetto

She is a video vixen in Tanzania who had an affair with Diamond after featuring in one of his video. She was having an affair with Hamisa while still dating zari Hassan. They got a kid together called Dyllan.

10. Tanasha Donna.

She is Kenyan and former radio presenter. She now into music industry, modeling and also does charity work. 

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