I Don't Want Any Legal or Illegal Mining In My Area, Abuakwa Chief Angrily Speaks To The Media


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Eastern region chief goes wild, the Chief of Abuakwa state in the Eastern region have sent strong warnings to the land commissioners who have been giving legal papers to individuals to undertake community mining.

The chief who angrily reported this issue when the minister of the land brought a proposal. He said that, day-in and day-out leaders of the nation's are giving rules and laws to curb illegal Mining (Galamsey). 

He continued that, Whether legal or illegal mining, it's only a sheet of paper that differentiate between them as ND they all tend to spoil the land in the community. He said Abuakwa State is a mining community, and when you come to the area, their lands are not in good shape due to the same legal mining.

He added that, Ghanaian's put blames on the chiefs, that they allow galamsey to be carried out in their community, but when you are to investigate the matter well, you will get to know that even the chiefs have no idea about the activity going on

He concluded by saying that, if they are to talk about mining, they should seek the ideas of the chiefs first. He made this statement when Honourable Seth Acheampong went to pay him a visit and presented his proposals about the legal mining he wants to carry out in his community. So he said that, there is no way he is going to allow whether legal or illegal mining in his community. Because they all tend to destroy the land. This is what “Okye hene Mmotia Ofori Panin" said to the media house when the minister arrived.

Do you think he has taken the right decision, or he is not on the right path?

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