Prepare Yourself For Most Expensive Marking In Kenya's Political Exchange Market" Moses Kuria Alleges

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The August ninth general political race is proceeding to pick up speed as arrangements for the surveys come to fruition in front of the divulging of the authority crusade period.

Bunches of discussions have ruled the country's political field with pioneers battling for their endurance as they look for political decision into different seats.

Gatundu South Constituency MP Hon Moses Kuria has requested that Kenyans get ready for the most costly political marking in front of the much anticipated August ninth general decisions raising hypotheses of what could be cooking in his Kenya Kwanza Alliance camp.

The Chama Cha Kazi party pioneer has indicated Wiper party pioneer Kalonzo Musyoka joining Deputy President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza after his abroad visit.

"Stage one go to the meeting. Stage two, not picked as a running mate, and stage three give a helpful motivation to stay in Azimio, 30th of May 2022. Prepare yourself for the most costly marking in Kenya's political exchange market," Gatundu South Constituency MP Hon Moses Kuria said.

Fo you figure Kalonzo can join Kenya Kwanza to work with DP Ruto? What do you honestly think about a Ruto-Kalonzo association? Will it be a benefit to Kenya Kwanza to earn the Ukambani votes?

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