Don't leave your wife for a lover, keep both - Governor Mike Sonko advices


The former Governor of Nairobi Mike Sonko using his official facebook page urged married men not to divorce their wives, after all the long years of suffering for a second wife or side chick.

Instead, the flamboyant outspoken politician has suggested that married men should keep both of women peacefully with one as the first wife and elder wife, while the the other as the junior and second wife or side lover.

Adding to hid advise, Mike Sonko, through his verified Facebook page on Tuesday, 18th of May, 2021 insisted that the first and elder wife should be accorded the maximum respect she deserves as the first wife.

Here are some comments made by respective social media clients with mixed reactions;

Do you agree with the opinion of the former governor or are you in conflict with his thoughts? What are your opinions concerning this topic of wives an side chicks?