Wajackoyah Addresses Residents of Mombasa Aboard Ferry During Coast Tour: VIDEO

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Kenyans have sharply reacted after photos and videos of Wajackoyah addresses residents of Mombasa aboard ferry during his coastal region tour emerged.

Therefore for those readers who do know Wajackoyah, he is one of the Presidential Candidate in the country. He went viral after revealing that he is expected to legalise weed in the country.

He is a professor of law and an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. His position on wanting to legalise weed president Uhuru Kenyatta has caused a storm on social media, but he is determined to achieve his goal.

As a child, he as at some point adopted by veteran politician, the late Joseph Kamotho. Who schooled him. According to the report, Wajackoyah also worked as a police officer before Dr Robert Ouko death. A thing that has sparked alot of reactions from people across the country.

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