Which Country in Asia Has the Most Beautiful Women? [OPINION]


Asia is a huge continent. There are lots of countries in it and people in every country has different looks. For example South-East Asian women have same eyes compared to East Asian women but the difference is of their skin, most Iranian and Arab women look different and vice versa.

So my answer will be straight and it is based on my opinion.

The women from Asia, that I found most attractive are the ones hailing from the South Asian subcontinent. They have some of the most beautiful eyes and face structure too. So lets check the countries out;

India and Pakistan (It’s a tie though)






Even in this list, I personally think either Pakistan or India. Since India is way more populous, I would say India.

Pakistani and Indian women has facial features which are considered beautiful in universal standard.

So what is your say? Which country in Asia do you think have the most beautiful women?

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